Me before you  An emotional story

Our movienight on Tuesday the 02th of April was very emotional and hardbreaking. We watched a movie with our English teacher Miss Gort in English. That's why we thought it would be pretty cool to write that article in English too. 


The well-known movie 'Me before you', based on a bestseller novel, really touched all of us. The whole storyline always switched from funny to sad but at least it made us cry for a long time and we needed loads of hugs after the movie.  


The whole project is a great way for us students not only to improve our English vocabulary but also to learn how to use the language in real life.  


Thank you Miss Gort for giving us the opportunity, we appreciate that. xoxo 



Text und Fotos Leonie Dobler, Elena Gottein, Leonie Haller, Valentina Robé  



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