Englischtheater „Roxie and Cy“

Am 14. März durften die ersten bis dritten Klassen der HLW- und HLK-Rankweil ein Theaterstück auf Englisch besuchen. „Roxie and Cy“ heißt das Stück, welches von der Schooltours Group Orange im Vinomnasaal vorgeführt wurde. 


The story:
The two protagonists, Roxy and Cy, are young adults living in a dangerous region. They are good friends and fundamentally different. Roxy is concentrating on English literature during her final exams because she wants to study to become a teacher, while Cy is a member of a neighbourhood protection gang and can often be found at rap competitions. Nobody realises that Cy is secretly in love with Roxy. He even tries to keep it a secret himself because he is afraid of losing their friendship. One day, Roxy tells Cy that she has a crush on the handsome fitness trainer Kris. Cy initially thinks that he can now throw all hope overboard. But when Kris joins his gang and his feelings for Roxy fade after hearing about her penchant for poetry and romance, a Cy sees hope again. Soon afterwards, Kris and Cy join forces - or to be more precise, Kris becomes Cy's "romantic coach". It's obvious that this game can't end well.

Bericht: Larissa Erhart    Bilder: Selina Kriegl

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Englischtheater „Roxie and Cy“ Englischtheater „Roxie and Cy“ Englischtheater „Roxie and Cy“